ECBC Big Box @ Menglembu


E-Commerce Biz Commune (ECBC) is purpose-built warehousing, storage, and distribution solution that caters to the need to warehouse, store, and package goods for ease of delivery.

  • Dual frontage: providing the convenience of speedy packaging & transportation
  • Open concept: to allow full utilization of every corner as storage space
  • 3-phased electric circuits: Industrial standard to fit any scale of operation
  • Motorised roller shutters: 5 motorized and electric-powered roller shutters for convenience of access
  • Lot Size: 40×70: Spacious and extra 20ft land for easy loading/unloading and future expansion


Provides vast vertical 47,000 ft3 of storage space(Storage space of up to 100,000 units of shoe boxes)

30ft extra high ceiling to provide extra vertical storage space

Extra 20ft land for easy loading and unloading, lorry parking, and also future expansion purposes

Upper floor office utilized as a management office, meeting rooms



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