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TLS Kajang

Kajang has been voted as the first choice city for living in Klang Valley. With a population of over 300 thousands, it’s a self sustaining city suitable for making it your home. From primary school to tertiary education, there are a total of 46 education institution within 10 kilometers. With silk & lekas highway, along with Sg Buloh – Kajang MRT makes commuting to other area a breeze.

Never compromising on design and quality, our project is designed by one of the Malaysia top 5 leading architects and award winning landscape architectural firm. Branded building material such as white horse ceramic and Schindler lift are used in building your home.

With a total of 38 facilities over a span of 5.8 acres freehold residential title, ranging from basketball court, tennis court to swimming pool, you’ll find activities that you enjoy the most to complete your dream lifestyle.

Privacy and seclusion are guaranteed as there are only 7 units per floor with total of 27 residential floor. Enjoy a peace of mind with 5 tiers security within a gated and guarded community.

Our practical 4 rooms layout are designed for comfortable family living. You can enjoy your time relaxing in your own space or have your family bonding in the living room.

加影(Kajang)被选为巴生谷(Klang Valley)的首选城市。拥有超过30万人口,这是一个自我维持的城市,非常适合作为您的家。从小学到高等教育,十公里内共有46所教育机构。拥有丝绸之路和Lekas高速公路,以及Sg Buloh-加影捷运系统使前往其他地区的交通变得轻而易举。






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